My First Blog….A New Year Promise..!!!

Hello Everyone…Welcome to my blog…Its been since long I wanted to write but now it has come into action. It couldn’t be better than the first day of a year…This year is going to be very important and full of experiments in order to lead a beautiful life….The promise that I have made with myself on this day is SELF LOVE..that is to love myself.. I want to take care of myself and be nice to myself. I want to make mistakes and learn from them and grow. ( Most interesting ). I m sure the lessons are going to be priceless and I ll be more myself. I don’t have to judge or compare myself with others… I have to protect my energies so I plan to keep myself away from people or situations where my energies are getting drained out.( Most Important ) I want to understand my fears and unmask the issues of my life and trust myself to take decisions for my life. I want to connect with my inner self and focus on my spiritual growth. All I want to do is to fall in love with myself.

Lets get started with The Spiritual JOURNEY……

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